October 5, 2022

You know when you get that unexpected text asking you to add something big to your already enormous to-do list, you start to feel sweaty palms and that empty, freaked-out sensation in your stomach?  Then you know, it’s back again….. Anxiety. But what if anxiety isn’t always a bad thing?  What if, by using tools from neuroscience and psychology, you could learn to turn down the volume on your anxiety and transform all that activation energy that’s making your mind race into something that’s actually helpful?  That jiu-jitsu move of transforming anxiety into something productive and helpful is the topic of Dr. Suzuki’s talk.  

This free, public lecture is made possible by a generous bequest from Professor Roger B. Loucks. 

RSVP: https://events.uw.edu/event/f436096a-7327-41f1-b7a2-9cf2d98a7c3d/summary 

Wendy Suzuki lecture flyer_final