July 15, 2020

Data, Science and Diplomacy SLN:23735
JSIS   578  SECTION D   5 credits     SPEC TOPICS GLOBAL
M W     0130-0320     Lorenz,F  Offered jointly with JSIS 478 C

The Canvas site is open and I will post material for those registered.  Here is the short description and flyer attached.

The connection between science, data and diplomacy has grown increasingly important as both the international relations between countries become more complex and scientific knowledge expands globally. The 2020 global pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of sharing scientific data on the international stage. This new course at the Jackson School is designed to be cross-listed at UW Computer Science, the School of Engineering, the School of the Environment and the School of Public Health. It will draw an interdisciplinary group from medicine, engineering, science and international relations.  The objective is to draw both undergraduates and graduate students and help establish a new cohort of professionals to deal with modern challenges in the field. 

Questions can be sent to lorenz@uw.edu