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February 27, 2024

NPA: 2024 National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference – 3/15 to 3/16

Register now for the 2024 NPA Annual Conference in Seattle! Join us March 15 & 16 for the largest national conference and networking event dedicated to the postdoctoral community. Postdocs, grad students, administrators, faculty, and those from associations, corporations, and government are invited to join us for two days of sessions, networking, and professional development opportunities. Use Promo code 2024AC50LH to…

August 28, 2023

GIX: PhD TA position for TECHIN 540 – apply by 9/4

The Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program is seeking PhD students to fill a TA position for TECHIN 540 Integrated Launch Studio 1 (4 credits) class in autumn 2023. Job description is attached, and students can apply via Handshake, Job #7902320. Deadline is end of the day, Tuesday, 9/4.

April 24, 2023

ECE: 2023 UW ECE Awards nominations are open! – Nominate by 5/1

The UW Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards program recognizes outstanding efforts by its students, faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners. Award recipients in several categories will represent exceptional achievements; embody UW ECE core values such as leadership, collaboration, and teamwork; and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nominate a UW ECE community member today! All awardees…

April 17, 2023

URP: Scholarships and Research – SPR23

Sea Mar Scholarships  Sea Mar Farmworker High School & College Scholarships Sea Mar recognizes and acknowledges the barriers children of farm working families face in their pursuit of a college degree. Economic strains, as well as the language and cultural barriers can often affect these students. Sometimes students need to work after-school and all summer…

April 4, 2023

oSTEM: Happy Hour – 4/14, 5:30 p.m.

Our next Happy Hour is Friday, April 14th starting at 5:30 pm at The College Inn Pub

March 2, 2023

2023 Earthquake Relief Donations Turkey and Syria

On 6 February 2023, at 04:17 TRT (01:17 UTC), a Mw 7.8 earthquake struck southern and central Turkey[3] and northern and western Syria.[4][5] As of 1 March 2023, more than 51,800 deaths were confirmed: more than 45,000 in Turkey, and more than 6,700 in Syria.[12][13] It is the deadliest earthquake in Turkey[14] since the 526 Antioch earthquake and the deadliest in Syria since the 1822 Aleppo earthquake.  It is the deadliest natural disaster in Turkey’s…

February 13, 2023

ECE SPR 23: EE 559 Special Topics in Electrical Energy System

Spring 2023: EE 559 Special Topics in Electrical Energy System Mon, Wed: 3.30 – 5.20 pm Did you know that 40 million Americans use more energy than 700 million Africans? Ending energy poverty and energy inequity is crucial to meeting all the major global development goals. This course will explore the challenge of energy poverty…

January 28, 2023

A History of Innovation: How Seattle Changed the World

SEATTLE — Ever wonder what the world would be like without planes, computer software and online shopping? Thanks to progressive Seattle innovators and change-makers, the world is a much better place to live, work and play. In the historical documentary “How Seattle Changed the World,” KOMO TV explores how the Northwest went from an afterthought to…

January 18, 2023

ASP: CLUE Tutoring, Academic Success Coaching, ASP Winter Wellness Week – WIN 23

Here are some updates from Academic Support Programs (ASP).  Our peer tutors and coaches are available and excited to meet with you in person (Mary Gates Hall) or virtually! CLUE Tutoring  CLUE Drop-In Tutoring is open from 7- 11 pm on Sunday through Thursday.  Exam reviews and discussion sessions are available, and more information can be found…

September 30, 2022

Welcome to the new Academic Year

Dear UW ECE Community,   It is the beginning of a new academic year! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I am very happy to see everyone back on campus today, and to welcome all of our new students! I am filled with optimism that this will be a wonderful year for our Department.    I am particularly excited…

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