April 17, 2023

Sea Mar Scholarships

 Sea Mar Farmworker High School & College Scholarships

Sea Mar recognizes and acknowledges the barriers children of farm working families face in their pursuit of a college degree. Economic strains, as well as the language and cultural barriers can often affect these students.

Sometimes students need to work after-school and all summer to assist their family. Sea Mar is proud to provide annual scholarships to help make college a reality.

Award amount: $1,000.

You can access this scholarship by clicking here.

Latino/a Educational Achievement Project Scholarship

The Sea Mar Latino/a Educational Achievement Project Scholarship provides financial support for students who demonstrate a history of advocacy, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, are go-getters, and have shown or have the strong potential to be contributors to their community.

Award amount: $2,500

You can access this scholarship by clicking here.

Both scholarships are now open and will be closing on April 30, 2023. For any questions, please contact keniadiaz@seamarchc.org or scholarships@seamarchc.org.


Simons Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFiN)

The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) and Neuroscience Collaborations have launched the Simons Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFiN) for the 2023-2024 academic year. This opportunity is designed to spark and sustain interest in neuroscience research among undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in the field. 

SURFiN provides undergraduate research assistants with a $7,500 salary support (at a rate equivalent to $25/hour for 10 hours a week over 30 weeks) to work in-person in Simons Foundation-supported neuroscience laboratories under the guidance of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Additionally, fellows and mentors will participate in virtual and in-person professional development and community-building activities, including a computational science bootcamp and an annual visit to the Simons Foundation for fellows to present their undergraduate research. 

The Murray Lab, part of the Vision and Cognition Group at the University of Washington, will be participating. If you are interested in applying, please visit the website for detailed information, eligibility criteria, and application instructions. 

Applications and letters of recommendation are due by May 4, 2023. 


THINK Lab is hiring undergraduate research assistants for Summer 2023! Undergraduates will have the opportunity to expand their research skills at a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This research experience will provide hands-on experience on NSF research projects, with mentorship from current graduate students and the PI.

THINK Lab is a research lab in the transportation engineering department at the University of Washington directed by Dr. Cynthia Chen. Our work focuses on the intersection of human behavior, the built environment and larger infrastructure systems, and data science. Current projects span from uncovering biases in big data, understanding food accessibility and resilience, and modeling bus ridership changes post-COVID. Learn more about the lab and meet the team here.

Learn more about the position and apply for a THINK Lab NSF REU here!

The application closes on April 15, 2023. We will reach out if you have been selected for an interview by April 22nd, and will release final decisions around May 1st.

Please email Kaitlyn Ng (kng9@uw.edu) if you have any questions.