August 5, 2020

Well-being workshop series, adapted from the UW Be REAL curriculum, integrating an equity-based perspective, for grads

About this Event

Thursdays, August 13, 2020 – September 3, 2020 (3 pm – 4 pm).

RSVP by 8/7 to sign up for the series. Sessions are cumulative.

We invite graduate students, particularly First-Gen, GO-MAP grads, and/or grad students serving on Departmental Diversity Committees, to participate in a 4-week series of online well-being sessions, adapted from the UW Be REAL curriculum.

Co-facilitators and Graduate School staff Jaye Sablan and Patrycja Humienik will provide you with stress reduction strategies including:

  • Paying attention to breath & tuning in to your body
  • Using movement such as basic yoga postures
  • Understanding and developing self-compassion
  • Becoming a mindful listener
  • Setting well-being intentions

We will discuss the benefits of these strategies using an equity-based perspective; we look forward to being in practice and conversation with you.

About the facilitators: Jaye and Patrycja participated in Be REAL Facilitator trainings last year, organized and developed by the UW Center for Child and Family Well-being. Jaye has experience co-facilitating a 6-week Be REAL program with graduate students. Patrycja has a background as a movement artist and facilitator, including facilitation of somatic approaches for well-being.

This event is a collaboration between Core Programs—Office of Graduate Student Affairs and the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, both housed within The Graduate School. Curriculum development and facilitator training supported by Be REAL, a program of the UW Center for Child and Family Well-being.