October 7, 2020

The Husky Robotics team is recruiting! Our team builds prototype Mars rovers for the University Rover Challenge series, and we are looking for individuals with interests in the design and remote operation of scientific systems for soil sampling and identification of biological and mineralogical components. This year, the science team is building our own rover-mounted Raman spectrometer, and we’re looking for students interested in geology, biology, astronomy, astrobiology, optics, experiment design, and data analysis to not only help design the mechanical, electrical, and software systems for our equipment but to go to Utah and Canada as part of our competition team at the end of spring quarter (and in summer)! Competition members get to run the experiments, draw conclusions, and create documents to present to a panel of extraterrestrial science specialists as part of our team’s score.

We are especially interested in people with interests or experience in embedded systems and User eXperience/Interfaces to design the hardware and end-user software interface to a variety of sensors and motors controlled by an AVR or PSoC microprocessor. This interface will communicate with an Nvidia Jetson connected to a remote teleoperation station,  optimized for sensor sampling, motor operation, and communications.
This is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on system design, PCB design, UX design, and integration experience as part of a team developing test equipment for competition.

If being part of this full-year team project sounds fun and you want to find out more at our upcoming info sessions, check us out at www.huskyrobotics.me and fill out our application!