October 7, 2020


The Husky Satellite Lab, a student-run engineering club working on establishing a space presence for UW, is currently recruiting! Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary student participation in space systems research, to inspire and train future space scientists and engineers, and to advance spacecraft capabilities at UW. We are currently working on Husky Sat-2, a satellite mission to be taken to the moon.

We invite you to join a virtual information session and apply to the team!

We are recruiting for members both with and without experience. Even if you don’t have experience, part of our mission is to provide a space for students to learn through hands-on experience! Experience in the following categories is not necessary, but please note it in your resumes if you have it: vibrational analysis, signal processing, fluid dynamics/mechanics, orbital planning/mechanics, geology, controls and thermodynamics.

Information Sessions held over Zoom:

  • Thursday (10/8): 5 PM-7 PM
  • Friday (10/9): 5 PM-7 PM
  • Virtual Tabling through discord: https://discord.gg/GFjsq4Y
  • Applications Open 10/9.

For more information, visit our website: huskysatellitelab.com

We look forward to meeting you! Please contact us at cubesat@uw.edu if you have any questions.