October 8, 2020

This project aims to develop a computing architecture, based on RISC-V, for the IoT market with AI features aimed for cybersecurity applications. This architecture will be in line with RISC-V architectures, currently very promising from both academic and industrial point of views.

The main goal is to get well-tailored capacities in an edge computing context where computations (data fusion, analysis and processing) are performed on embedded nodes (which are constrained systems). These nodes are distributed around networks, they have a low communication rate as they transmit locally-processed data instead of raw data. This approach differs from cloud computing which relies on highly-connected centralized infrastructures.

– The first year will be focused on two actions :
* Study of the state-of-the-art of RISC-V variants, simulation and generation environments as well as possible extensions.
* Acquiring experience with tools and infrastructures available in the lab (Xilinx FPGA boards, Zebu hardware emulator).
– The second year will be devoted to the conception of the architecture and related tools.
– In the third year, the approach will be generalized and hardened.

Restrictions: the candidate must have an European citizenship.

Full description in the attached file.

Contact: pascal.cotret@ensta-bretagne.fr

Pascal Cotret
Asssociate professor @ ENSTA Bretagne, Brest
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