October 8, 2020

My name is Cat Hickox and I’m with the marketing department for the Global Semiconductor Alliance, a nonprofit organization connecting leaders in the semiconductor, tech, and automotive industries across the world. Our members are some of the biggest names in the field, and we are constantly looking to connect them with emerging engineering professionals. One of GSA’s most prominent enterprises is our Women’s Leadership Initiative, which aims to significantly increase the number of women in leadership roles in the semiconductor industry, the capital dedicated to women-led start-ups, and the number of STEM-focused female candidates joining the industry.

As part of this effort, we are excited to launch our Designing the Difference campaign, targeting college-aged women in engineering seeking to make a positive impact through their budding careers. We are partnering with some of the top engineering schools across the globe to host our content and encourage female students to stay the course of their degrees and consider a career in the semiconductor industry.

I was hoping you could connect me with someone to discuss advertising opportunities specific to the Washington Electrical and Computer Engineering department. Some examples of potential mediums include department newsletters, online student portals, electronic billboards, student newspapers, or even physical poster space in department buildings. We believe our partnership on this campaign can help achieve our mutual goal of uplifting women in engineering and connecting them to opportunities in the field.

Please let me know how best to move forward with this initiative. You can read more about GSA and WLI at https://www.gsaglobal.org/. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this further.

Best regards,

Cat Hickox

PR and Marketing Account Coordinator

Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)

Office 972-866-7579

chickox@gsaglobal.org  |  gsaglobal.org

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