October 15, 2020


At Two Sigma, our community of scientists, technologists and academics collaborate to solve some of the most challenging economic problems.

We rely on the scientific method, rooted in hypothesis, analysis, and experimentation, to drive data-driven decisions, to manage risk, and to expand into new areas of focus. In this way, we create systematic tools and technologies to forecast the future of global markets.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the scientific method to modeling, please join our Quant Talk. Please register for a spot by applying here. We hope to see you there!

Our Quant Researchers Include:

Avery completed her PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Georgia in 2019, where she studied techniques at the intersection of machine learning and theoretical quantum mechanics. She now works as a data scientist at Two Sigma. Her day-to-day role consists of both thematic and quantitative research into new, data-driven business opportunities for the firm. She is looking forward to discussing how you can apply your academic background in industry.

Nan completed her PhD in Computer Science Engineering/Bioinformatics from Ohio State in 2015, and she currently works as quantitative researcher at Two Sigma. Her day-to-day work consists of using rigorous scientific methods to develop sophisticated investment models and contributing to firm’s insights into financial markets. Please join her in discussing how you can apply your academic background in the industry, and what a potential career for STEM PhDs in finance may look like.