November 12, 2020

Please find enclosed the position description for our one tenure-track faculty opening.  We are hiring in the area of Controls, Robotics, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Computer Engineering, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Sensors, Signal Processing, or related areas. All potential candidates are invited to apply for, including members in the minority and/or under-represented groups. Please feel free to inform any graduates or Ph.D. candidates or post-doctors, with appropriate backgrounds, as well as post the enclosed position description.


Any assistant you might provide us, including the circulation of the enclosed position announcement will be much appreciated.  Please note that the review of applications will begin January 4, 2021.  The position is open until filled (or recruitment canceled).

Be Well,

Hen-Geul (Henry) Yeh, Ph.D.

Chair, EE Dept., CSULB