December 15, 2020

UW Formula Driverless team aims to develop an autonomous racing car. Our goal is to design for vehicle’s optimal performance at straight-line acceleration, skid pad and autocross event. Projects we offer include but not limit to: computer vision, SLAM, state estimation and dynamic control. Here are some positions and corresponding skillsets.

Computer Vision Researcher – Cone Detection

  • The applicant develops a camera-based perception module that recognizes traffic cones as the track
  • Proficiency in C/C++/Java or other programming
  • Experience with machine learning/neural network
  • Knowledge in real-time on-board computing and embedded system is a

Software Engineer – SLAM Algorithm

  • The applicant understands SLAM and probability robotics
  • Experience with ROS and C++ in Linux environment
  • Experience with stereo camera and LiDAR is a

Hardware Engineer – Sensor Fusion

  • Proficiency in STM32 and C/C++.
  • Knowledge in filter algorithm (Kalman/EKF/Particle filter)
  • Experience with IMU (inertial measurement unit) calibration is a

Control Engineer – Vehicle Dynamics

  • Proficiency in control development (PID/LQR/MPC) in MATLAB
  • Experience with C/C++ on micro-controller (STM32) preferred.
  • Knowledge in vehicle dynamics is a

Control Engineer – Mechatronics

  • The applicants will develop control system for vehicle actuation such as steering/braking mechanism.
  • Knowledge in PID, micro-controller, sensors and actuators

Vehicle Integration Engineer – Hardware-In-Loop

  • The applicant develops control strategies in MATLAB Simulink and validate them with HiL test (dSPACE/Speedgoat).
  • Experience with CAN
  • Knowledge in ISO26262 is a plus.

Please don’t hesitate to visit to learn about the team. Email Jing Lu ( for more info about positions or driverless events in general.