December 18, 2020

EE 400C/539 Advanced Photonics (Photonics II)

Class time: Wednesday and Friday 9:30-11:20 a.m., offered via remote learning

Photonics has become ubiquitous and enabled many applications that impact society, ranging from sensing, communications, lighting and displays, to medical imaging and quantum technologies. EE400C/539 “Advanced Photonics” is the second part of the two-quarter photonics courses in ECE. The course series aims to provide introductory lectures and advanced topics on optical principles and phenomena, as well as photonic devices and systems for engineers. Fundamental principles will be accompanied by practical and contemporary examples. In this course, we plan to cover the following advanced topics in Photonics:

  • Optical resonance
  • Quantum nature of light and optical transitions
  • Optical amplification
  • Laser operation
  • Photodetection

Grading will be based on homework assignments and a final project. It is recommended that the students have taken EE 485 “Introduction to Photonics” or a similar course. Please contact the instructor Lih Lin ( if you have any questions.