January 6, 2021

Igor Novosselov currently needs a few people with ECE skills on a team.

What are we doing? 

We at Novosselov Research Group (NRG) are building a distributed IoT sensor network to measure particulate matter and other pollutants in the atmosphere. The crowd-sourcing data is shared with the user and public to identify locations or activities where particle concentration approaches hazardous levels, so corrective interventions can be taken. Such a system can be used to monitor the COVID-19 droplets in a variety of indoor environments, which can be a  significant step to design ‘biosecurity’ systems to better protect occupants. The project is funded by NIH, JCATI, Viking Cruises, and Boeing. 

Who are we looking for? 

2-3 students with 

  • Experience in PCB design using Eagle or KiCAD and can work with mechanical  engineers to convert ideas into final products 
  • Experience in C, C++ and Arduino 

Better to have but not required 

  • Experience in embedded system and RTOS is a plus 
  • Experience in Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth beacon for indoor location tracking is  a plus 
  • Experience in AWS IoT Core and knowledge in standard IoT protocols is a plus What we expect you to do? 
  • Design PCB schematic and layout 
  • Develop firmware for the devices 

What can you get from working with us? 

  • Paid position 
  • Hands-on experience with fast prototyping and exposure to different aspects of Internet  of Things (IoT) 
  • Knowledge and experience in some cutting-edge technologies 
  • Opportunity to work in a large interdisciplinary team 

Expected starting date: ASAP 

How to join the team? 

Send your resume and preferred PCB design(s) you think are relevant to this project to Joe He (jh846@uw.edu).