January 6, 2021

Company Website: https://ghostpacer.com/
Job Title: CAD Modeling Consultant
Description: Our team is developing an augmented reality headset for outdoor fitness. We are looking for someone to manage the design process for the plastic housing for the next iteration of our prototype.
Required Skills:
  • Proficiency in at least one appropriate MCAD platform – supporting organically curved parts with consistent wall thickness and provision for attaching traditionally machined parts
  • Familiarity with the current capabilities of desktop-type FDM printing technology
  • First-year understanding of general design and engineering principles
Desired Skills:
  • Experience using an appropriate MCAD platform to model complex geometry which fuses concerns of aesthetics, mechanical compatibility, longevity, and design-for-assembly
  • First-year understanding of the mechanical and assembly concerns associated with electronics design, particularly the mechanical properties of device-level connector technologies
Time Commitment: Part-time | 15-25 hours per week | 4-6 months (2 academic quarters)
Eligibility Requirements: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students
How to Apply: Email your resumé to ar@ghostpacer.com along with a short description of your experience with CAD Modeling. We will be in touch about setting up an interview from there.
Contact Information for Questions: Email AbdurRahman Bhatti at ar@ghostpacer.com or call +1-408-455-6932 for any questions or additional information