January 20, 2021

You have it within you: the potential to inspire.

Help a whole new generation discover the excitement of STEM. Be the reason a young woman believes that she can do it, too. Change the minds of those who are set in their ways. Show others what’s possible when you believe in yourself and the limitless potential of your future. WE21 presentation submissions are now being accepted! Submit your presentation for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Annual Conference.

In 2021 SWE will host WE21 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The conference will take place October 21-23. This year’s theme is “Aspire to Inspire”.

More than 250 sessions will be selected to be presented at WE21.

The deadline to submit is March 22, 2021.

Speaker selection for any WE Conference is highly competitive. To improve your chances of being selected, use the following resources:

Session tracks available for WE21 include:

  1. Advocacy & Outreach
  2. Career Management & Development
  3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  4. Technical Innovations
  5. Self-Management & Development
  6. Strategic Leadership

For questions about WE21 content, contact conferencemanager@swe.org.​​​​