February 18, 2021

The Autonomous Insect Robotics (AIR) Lab at the University of Washington is recruiting extremely-qualified undergraduates for the following research opportunity, available immediately:

Create the world’s smallest quadrotor helicopter (<1–1.5g) (see initial prototype image below). This will be used to test and develop systems for future implementation on the UW Robofly. This entails building the chassis, but a significant element will be to building a tiny flex circuit onboard that can turn on motors controlled by an onboard microcontroller e.g. arm M4. The first goal of the project project will be to show that we can charge it from a wireless power source like a cell phone tower, in collaboration with Prof. Josh Smith’s in CSE. Subsequent steps include integrating sensors for sensor-autonomous flight. Requires experience with embedded systems and circuit board creation. Entails a 10 hr/week commitment for credit, with possible transition to paid work if satisfactory progress is made. Initial prototyping may be done at home, but ability to come to campus to use resources will be required.

Women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. Please send a resume and, if available, an engineering portfolio to minster@uw.edu.