February 27, 2021

(SLN 13462) EE437: Integrated Systems Capstone

(SLN 13494) EE536: Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems

(Joint Offering)

Spring Quarter 2021Instructor: Sajjad Moazeni (smoazeni@uw.edu)Ever-increasing size and complexity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)models and datasets created a vital need for low-latency multi-Tb/s inter/intra-rack opticalcommunications as well as low-latency chip-to-chip interconnects. For example, latest NvidiaDGX A100 systems consist of eight GPUs, each requiring 4.8Tb/s aggregate off-chip bandwidth.Although state-of-the-art inter-chip interconnects are realized via electrical wirelines, they cannotmeet the stringent speed, energy-efficiency, and bandwidth density requirements of emerging AIsupercomputers and hyper-scale datacenters. Silicon photonic transceivers have shown a greatpromise to address this challenge by ultimately 3D integrating optical transceivers with highperformance processors in a same package. This fact is evident by recent announcements fromNvidia and Broadcom on co-packaging silicon photonics with next-generation GPUs and NetworkSwitches. These co-packaged optics should provide multi-Tb/s aggregate data-rates at sub-pJ/benergy-efficiency. In this course, you will learn about the latest transceiver architectures andimplementations, challenges of CMOS circuit design for +100Gb/s data-rates and multi-levelmodulations.


Lecture Topics:

  • Basics of wireline interconnects: transceiver architectures, equalization techniques (CTLE, DFE, FFE), high-speed DAC and TIA/Sense-amp design, …
  • State-of-the-art of optical transceivers and design methodologies for +100Gb/s data-rates
  • Trade-offs in electronic-photonic co-optimization
  • Designing and simulating a full optical transceiver in Cadence


EE332 (*EE433 and EE473 requirements are waived for Spring 2021 – Email undegrad@ece.uw.edu for add code)

Students are expected to know circuits at the EE332 level or beyond, and previously used Cadenceto design and simulate circuits. If you are interested in taking this course and have any questions, please email the instructor!

Prof. Sajjad Moazeni: smoazeni@uw.edu