March 18, 2021

Quals course (CSE 562) also offered as CSE 599y-21sp. This is a quals course in CSE but will be open for ECE students to take.

Description: We will learn about various tracking solutions using modalities like acoustics, radio signals, and light with applications to user interfaces, robotics and health. We will also cover various components that can be used for sensing in mobile phones. Finally, we will cover material on designing low-power and battery-free mobile systems.

Topics of coverage:

  • Signal processing fundamentals
  • Acoustic device and device-free tracking
  • Physiological sensing using phones and speakers
  • IMU tracking and GPS localization
  • Wi-Fi localization and sensing
  • Designing and building IoT device hardware
  • Backscatter systems
  • Mobile privacy and security
  • Robotics mobile systems