March 24, 2021

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UW School of Social Work faculty Dr. David Takeuchi and Dr. Jane Lee will be discussing how anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) sentiments have grown during the pandemic
and how we can combat anti-AAPI racism in the United States. This seminar will explore the rise in hate crimes, the implications of the Atlanta shooting last week, and allyship with AAPI
communities. The event will be a moderated discussion followed by an open Q&A session.

About the speakers:
Dr. Lee’s program of research focuses on reducing health disparities among racial/ethnic and immigrant populations. She studies the unique role of migration-related processes in
shaping health behaviors and identifies novel approaches to reach and engage immigrant groups.

Dr. Takeuchi, a sociologist whose research focuses on health and help-seeking among racial, ethnic, and immigrant populations, is the associate dean for faculty excellence. In this
position, he identifies ways for faculty, researchers, and doctoral students to establish new research programs, enhance career trajectories and uncover new scholarship opportunities.