March 24, 2021

CEE has an open grader position for spring 2021 working on CEE 498 F, Engineering, Environment and Justice with Khalid Kadir.

This is a rather unique course, situated between engineering and social sciences. First and foremost, this course is designed to challenge a group of primarily engineering undergraduate and graduate students to go beyond the technical nature of their education and to engage with the social and political roots of engineering interventions. Second, the course addresses theoretical and analytical issues related to race, culture, and ethnicity in the American context through the lens of environmental justice.

The grader allotment for this course (current enrollment is ~33 students) is 20 hours/week (220 hours total), and responsibilities will include grading weekly reading responses, two problem sets (solutions and rubrics provided), and final term papers. Ideal candidates would have some familiarity with racial and/or environmental justice, be a critical thinker, be comfortable grading student writing, and be motivated to provide students with feedback on their assignments.

If interested, please email Khalid Kadir –