March 30, 2021

We hope you can join us for our ECE Colloquium Research Series 2021 this Spring Quarter that highlights our quarter’s theme of “At the Intersection of Machine Learning and Game Theory.”

This talk will be pre-recorded and available through our UW ECE YouTube channel.

Speaker: Dr. Georgios Piliouras – Singapore University of Technology and Design
Beyond equilibrium: A dynamical systems approach to learning in games

Date: Tuesday, May 18

Historically, Nash equilibrium has been the predominant solution concept in games. We review a recent stream of results on multi-agent learning in standard classes of games (both competitive, e.g. zero-sum games as well as cooperative, e.g. potential games) that showcase how the behavior of standard learning dynamics can deviate in unexpected ways from the predictions of equilibrium play. A wide range of behaviors is possible and in fact common, such as cycles, bifurcations, chaos, and even simultaneous local stability of Nash equilibrium and chaos. We will end by discussing open questions and challenges. 

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