March 30, 2021

Group Counseling, Workshops, and Trainings

Queer, Trans*, or Questioning, 3 pm, weekly
Between Cultures, 12 pm, weekly (referral needed)

Let’s Talk, 2 pm, weekly
Outlasting the Pandemic: Mental Health Skills Workshop
Series, 3pm (4/13, 4/27, 5/10, 5/25)
Self-Compassion through Connection, 3:30 pm (4/13, 5/04)
Anti-Racism and Allyship Support Group, 2 pm, weekly (referral needed)
Mindfulness for Self-Compassion, 3:30 pm (4/06, 4/27)

Beginning Mindfulness and Meditation, 3:30 pm, weekly (referral needed)
Advanced Mindfulness, 12 pm, weekly (referral needed)
Procrastination and Perfectionism, 3 pm, weekly (referral needed)

Let’s Talk, 2 pm, weekly
Getting through Grief, 9 am, weekly (referral needed)
Plug-In: Conversations About Studying Abroad from Home, 4:30 pm, weekly
BIPOC Healing Circle, 3:30 pm (4/08, 4/22, 5/06, 5/20, 6/03)
Beyond Labels, 3 pm, weekly (referral needed)
Umoji, 3pm (4/15, 4/29, 5/13, 5/27)

Between Cultures, 10 am, weekly (referral needed)
International Pride, 1 pm, weekly
Procrastination and Perfectionism, 10 am, weekly (referral needed)

*Unless indicated by “referral needed”, you do not need to be client of the center to participate in any of the groups or workshops.