April 9, 2021

Academic English Program (AEP) Placement Test:

UW International & English Language Programs will be holding their next Academic English Program (AEP) Placement Tests on:

  • Tuesday April 20 (Reading and Writing)
  • Thursday April 22 (Listening)

If you have students with an English Language Proficiency Requirement, please direct them to the AEP placement test registration portal: https://www.aep.uw.edu/placement/placement-test/

Note: The English Language Proficiency Requirement is suspended for new freshmen and transfer students admitted for Summer 2021 or later. Students admitted as freshman or transfer students prior to Summer 2021 are still subject to the ELPR.

 Please note these will be the last AEP placement tests of this academic year. Further test dates will be announced in Summer 2021.

Questions? Please email us at: aep@uw.edu