April 12, 2021

The Micro Nano Technology (MNT) Outreach Working group, an NSF supported group under the direction of the national NSF, ATE Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC), offers teaching tools and professional development opportunities to faculty across the country. Visit their website to sign up to learn more.

MNTeSIG* is a national group of educators and industry partners dedicated to sharing resources and finding innovative ways to support and collaborate with educators of all levels. Visit their website to learn more about their current roster of education and industry partners, find free resources, and other helpful information, and join their growing MNTeSIG Collaboratory.

Email Billie Copley if you would like more information about MNTeSIG, MNT-EC, and the working groups, or if you have any questions. 

*The Micro Nanotechnology education Special Interest Group (MNTeSIG) originally developed the working groups to assist in the growth of this necessary effort, from their 2019 conference. Each working group began as a sub team and in 2021, they were transitioned to the new national MNT-EC ATE center. Each group is composed of members from the MNTeSIG community at large and the MNT-EC center staff.