April 19, 2021

April 16: Submit Graduation Paperwork 

Graduates should contact their academic advisor to make sure their graduation paperwork is submitted by this deadline. This will ensure their name is listed in the Commencement program


May 5 – May 16: Register/Order Online 

Participants in Commencement 2021 – Celebrating Worldwide should complete the registration/order form at www.graduation.uw.edu to obtain an entrance code to the ceremony. In addition, they may use this form to order cap and gown and other graduation items (souvenir tassels, honor cards, stoles of gratitude, etc.).  Those who are participating in the main Commencement ceremony will be sent instructions for submitting photos for the main ceremony after they submit their Registration/Order form.  Schools, colleges and departments are responsible for collecting any photos they require for their ceremonies independent of this process.


June 12: Commencement 2021 – Celebrating Worldwide 

12:00 p.m. – Students may begin entering the Grad Experience site at noon.
12:30 p.m. – The “Purple Carpet” pre-show begins.
1:30 p.m. – The ceremony begins with the student procession.



Though there are obviously significant changes this year due to COVID-19, many of the steps below are the same as they have always been.


 -1. Determine Your Eligibility: 


  • Bachelor Candidates



Students who earned a degree in Summer 2020, Autumn 2020 or Winter 2021, or have applied to graduate with a departmental advisor for Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 are eligible. Once the application for graduation has been completed and received by the Office of Graduation and Academic Records (ugradoff@uw.edu), the student will then be eligible to complete the commencement Registration/Order Form.


  • Master’s and Doctoral Candidates


Graduates are eligible to participate if they

    • earned their degrees in Summer 2020, Autumn 2020, or Winter 2021,
    • submitted their master’s degree request or scheduled their final exam (doctoral) with the Graduate School for Spring 2021, or
    • have a reasonable expectation of graduating in Summer 2021. (Summer 2021 graduates only: Those who plan on participating in a graduation event should consult with their graduate program advisor (GPA) to make sure their student record in the student database (SDB) accurately reflects the degree they plan to earn.)


  • Professional Candidates


Candidates for J.D., M.D., D.D.S., and Pharm D. Degrees who earned degrees in Summer 2020, Autumn 2020, Winter 2021 or are candidates for Spring or Summer 2021 are eligible to participate.


-2.  Names Listed in Program:  The Commencement program lists the names of graduates from Summer 2020 through Spring 2021. Summer 2021 graduates’ names will be listed in the following year’s program. If you have not graduated or submitted your application to graduate, you must do the following by April 16 to be included in the program:


Note: Within the next two weeks, students will receive information via their UW.edu email with instructions about using a special web form to either 1) select a “Commencement Program Name,” if desired, or 2) request not to have their name printed in the Commencement Program. 

Your record name on file with the University will be used in the program, unless you request not to be listed or provide a “Commencement Program Name” using the web form linked in the email.

Certain restrictions to Commencement Program Names apply:

  • A Commencement Program Name may not be used with an intent to impersonate someone else, to deceive, defraud, or misrepresent.
  • Hate speech and inappropriate or offensive language are forbidden.

Please watch your email for this information and pay attention to any stated deadlines.

-3. Honors: If you qualify for College, Departmental, or Interdisciplinary Honors, please be sure your DARS accurately reflects this status by April 16, 2021. If you have questions, contact the Honors Program (211 Mary Gates Hall, uwhonors@uw.edu, 206-543-7444). 

-4. Sign Up for Commencement 2021 – Celebrating Worldwide and order cap & gown

Register/Place your order online:  May 5 – May 16 at www.graduation.uw.edu.

By completing the Registration/Order Form, May 5 – May 16, you will be able to:

  • Secure your entrance code for themselves and their guests to enter and participate in the live Grad Experience.
  • Order cap and gown, plus souvenir tassels, stoles, etc., whether attending the main ceremony or not.  Orders will be shipped directly to the address they provide. (Shipping costs will apply.)
  • Receive access to our photo submission site for their processional and class photos. (Graduates must indicate they are attending the main ceremony to receive access. Instructions will be emailed to the graduate upon submission.)
  • Join the Alumni Association or donate to Senior Gift.
  • Enter the lottery for a virtual seat.

Things for graduates to think about:

  • Do you or your guests have a language preference other than English? You can tell us when completing the form and we’ll do our best to provide translation services.
  • Are there any accessibility needs that would be helpful for you or your guests to participate in the ceremony?

Commencement 2021 – Return to Husky Stadium

Graduates interested in attending future in-person graduations for the Class of 2021 should complete the registration/order form and give us an email address where they can be reached when these events are being planned.

Apparel prices: Available on the Commencement website.

-5. Join the celebration, Commencement 2021 – Celebrating Worldwide, on our live webcast, on June 12, 2021. 

The Grad Experience opens at noon.  See your classmates, cast your vote in the cap decorating contest, see the social media posts as they scroll on the page, and look up your name in the Commencement program.  The virtual procession begins at 1:30 pm. 

While we are all disappointed that Commencement will not be held in Husky Stadium, please keep in mind that this event will be full of surprises and opportunities for graduates to interact live.

CONGRATULATIONS!  We look forward to celebrating you!

Contact:          Office of Ceremonies

                        (206) 543-2592