April 21, 2021

The UW Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (UW ECE) is pleased to invite you for an in-depth look at successful, faculty-led startup companies generated from UW ECE at our Virtual Town Hall Startup Spotlight event!
UW ECE is the #1 startup generator at the UW. Join fellow alums, industry partners, and friends worldwide to hear from a panel of our faculty, postdocs, and CoMotion partners about commercialized cutting-edge technologies emerging from UW ECE labs.
Our panel includes Claire Watts of ThruWave, Inc.Laura Dorsey of CoMotion, and UW ECE Professors Josh Smith (Wibotic / Jeeva Wireless / Proprio) and Arka Majumdar (Tunoptix).
UW ECE Professor and Chair Eric Klavins (A-Alpha Bio) will introduce each panelist and moderate a Q&A on how startups get going at UW ECE, how the UW supports these efforts, and how industry partners or alumni like you can get involved.