May 13, 2021

GPSS acts to amplify the voice of all UW graduate and professional students. They do this by developing consensus on topics that are important to graduate and professional students, such as academic success, health & wellness, diversity & inclusivity, and transportation. They then advocate for these positions through actions like meeting with the UW administration and lobbying at the Washington State Senate. GPSS also hosts lectures from members of the community, publishes white papers on topics like Science Policy and Equity, provides conference funding opportunities for any graduate or professional student, and hosts events like Husky Sunrise to help students from different departments meet each other.

Senate meetings happen every other week during the quarter, and senators must attend at least 3 meetings per quarter (or send a proxy from their department). They should solicit input from students in their department and relay these opinions to the broader senate. Here’s a link with more info: 


Positions Available: There is 1 vacant ECE senator position available. Please email Graduate Academic Advising at if you are interested to serve and we can connect you with current members who can answer all your questions.