May 20, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Daisy Schreiber and I’m starting to work on a new script for a project! The concept is still pretty loose, but the general idea is college students turned superheroes from an elementary-school-spell finally kicking in. (Remember being seven years old and super weird and obsessed with magic and mixing gunk together in the front yard? This is that same thing except it WORKS.) 
The actual superpowers are based on things that we do a lot and suck a little bit. They’ll all be a little ridiculous and seem unhelpful (except that they totally are helpful because that’s how these things work!) Examples include a short girl who’s picked up ALL the time (not by choice!) and so she gets to float three feet (but only three feet) into the air or someone who can’t feel or be affected by temperature after years of wearing very-very-cute-but-not-warm clothes in the middle of winter.  
TO THIS END, I need your help!! I only know the weird stuff to be cute that I do, so if you’re willing to share some of the inconvenient stuff you put up with to be hot, that would be wonderful! If you would take a minute to fill out THIS form and share your experiences, you’ll be my hero 😉
Thank you!!! If you have any questions feel free to email