June 30, 2021

Dear graduate students, faculty, and advisors,

On June 3 the Provost approved revised rules for official UW international travel

These new rules affect international graduate student travel (research, fieldwork, conference attendance, etc.) for all travel after September 10, 2021. After September 10th, graduate students can more easily travel, depending on their destination’s Department of State (DoS) Travel Advisory level. 

UW International Travel Rules & Restrictions for Graduate Student Travel:

  • TRAVEL REGISTRATION REQUIRED: All international student travel, regardless of destination, must be registered in accordance with the UW Student International Travel Policy. UW Study Abroad’s Independent Learning Program is the appropriate way to do this. To register travel please visit the Global Travel Security homepage and choose the appropriate travel category. 
  • TRAVEL WAIVER REQUESTS: Travel to DoS Level 3 & 4 countries will also require approval of a travel waiver request. If a travel waiver is required, it will be included in the registration process. 
  • ESSENTIAL TRAVEL: Approval of travel to DoS Level 4 countries will, in addition, require two departmental endorsements that travel is essential: from the student’s committee chair/program director, and from their departmental Graduate Program Coordinator. Travel is essential if it is required for degree completion and/or depends on time-limited funding.


  • For questions about the rules or for guidance related to international travel, contact UW Global Travel Security at travelemergency@uw.edu
  • For any questions about Independent Learning (zero-credit option or for-credit option) contact UW Study Abroad at studyabroad@uw.edu.

Yours sincerely,


Dean of The Graduate School