July 6, 2021

The NETS Series continues this fall with a variety of topics, including multiple lithography techniques, etching processing, bottom-up, self-assembly techniques, microelectromechanical systems, microfluidics, transmission electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and spectroscopic and other nanocharacterization techniques. The fall 2021 offerings will be held every Friday from September 17 to November 12, except for October 22. Experts from around the country will be giving topics overviews, resources, tips for educators to share with students, and a variety of simulations and demonstrations of the techniques and tools. Each seminar includes a two-hour session, beginning at 12:00 p.m. (ET), along with additional materials provided through a course management system. By signing up for the fall sessions, you will also receive access to the recordings and supporting materials from the eight spring sessions. You can attend as many topics as you wish. Asynchronous options are available.

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If you signed up for the spring sessions, you are already enrolled in the fall offerings. If you have a question about your enrollment, please contact CNEU@engr.psu.edu.