July 29, 2021

Hi Mack, 

I am an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with multiple fully funded research assistantship positions open for students who are interested to pursue a Ph.D. in the area of semiconductor materials and devices. A start at the beginning of the spring 2022 semester (Jan. 2022) is preferred, candidates interested in fall 2022 (Sep. 2022) start dates may also reach out. An earlier start date of Fall 2021 might also be possible.  

I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to your current graduate/senior undergraduate student mailing list. Students who are interested in the opportunity are welcome to email me their resume/CV directly at shubhra@ece.wisc.edu

The openings are in the Wide-bandgap Semiconductor group focusing on material growth, device design, and fabrication for electronics, optoelectronics, bio-photonics, and quantum applications. More specifically, I will be focusing on wide-bandgap (Al,Ga,In-N) and ultra-wide bandgap (Al,Ga,In-Ox) semiconductors to realize the next-generation devices. The research being cross-disciplinary and fundamental in nature would allow students from different backgrounds (electrical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering etc.) to participate and excel. Students broadly interested in semiconductors/ materials science/ fabrication/ nanotechnology/ applied physics etc. may directly reach out to me by email, mentioning specific interests (if any). Detailed research interests can be found here: https://directory.engr.wisc.edu/ece/Faculty/Pasayat_Shubhra/ 

Regards and thanks, 


Shubhra S Pasayat

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Office: 1415 Engineering Drive,
Madison, WI 53706
Email: shubhra@ece.wisc.edu