August 27, 2021

Hello Grads,

We have a variety of Autumn Quarter Aeronautics & Astronautics TA and Grader positions still open for recruitment.  As a reminder, Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are full ASE appointments that include monthly salary, health insurance, and tuition benefits.  Grader positions are hourly ASE appointments (starting at $17.00/hr) with a maximum of 19.5 hours per week. Grader positions do not include tuition or health benefits.

If you are interested in being considered for either (or both), please review the detailed information at:

The direct link to the TA/Grader Application is:  (You will need to log in with your UWNetID, so please ensure you use a new browser session if you have trouble accessing the Google Form).

We hope to begin making initial decisions the week of August 30th, so please do not delay applying if you wish to be considered!

Thank you,



Need to meet with me on Zoom?  Book an appointment:

Zoom link for meeting will be:


Paul Neubert

Graduate Programs Manager

William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics
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