September 15, 2021

A&A CubeSat team at UW is working to recruit talented graduate and undergrad students who are passionate about space technology for this Fall. 

Their communications system is currently one of our highest priorities to stay on pace to deliver our satellite in January.  They have a strong, enthusiastic subsystem team in place already, but they could certainly use some help this Fall. 

At a high level, here is what AACT SOC-i needs to get accomplished this Fall:

  • Coordinate with our CDH team to package our telemetry according to the Pacific Crest transparent EOT protocol
  • Integrate our flight software into our “Hardware-in-the-loop” test platform and debug/refine
  • Make any necessary changes to the first generation radio PCB and finalize our flight board
  • Integrate and test our flight board with the rest of the satellite, for delivery in January 2022.
  • Software debugging may continue through March of 2022 if necessary

If any students are interested in subsystems outside of communications, they also need people, particularly with software experience, to work on our centralized flight software, EPS, and GNC subsystem.

If interested please email  Derek Stritzinger at