October 7, 2021

At #2021NDiSTEM you’re invited to bring your whole self — all your passions, talents, background, and experiences — to STEM. With SACNAS, your future is bright because you’re YOU and that shouldn’t change in order to be successful in STEM. 

That’s why this year’s #2021NDiSTEM was designed (like always) for you to immerse yourself in your culture and your science equally.

Join us to:

  • Hear from renowned scientists and authors during keynote sessions
  • See research presentations from the next generation of STEM
    • New! Join us October 21 for SACNAS Research Day, spotlighting Graduate Student Research!
  • Grow through 80+ professional development and STEM symposia sessions featuring topics on science communication, environmental justice, research resources, and so much more!
  • Explore and unlock new STEM graduate school and job opportunities in the Digital Expo Hall
  • Search the attendee directory to connect with like-minded peers, role models, exhibitors, and partners
  • Tap into our mentorship networks!
    • Find mentors and attend sessions about maximizing mentorship relationships
    • Mentor up-and-coming scientists to help them find their pathway through STEM
  • Access learning and connections from your phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere, anytime!
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