October 12, 2021

Many of you have questions about how best to respond to close contact with COVID. EH&S has some terrific guides that are frequently updated, including their guidelines on Quarantine and Isolation. Because the EH&S pages require time, patience, and clicking on the many drop-down links for details, these official guidelines can be difficult to wade through when students, staff, or faculty are in a high-stress situation. While EH&S continues to work diligently to simplify its content, We want to share the attached PDF that was prepared by an Engineering chair and staff of one of our departments. This flow chart is very easy to use, includes quick reference links, and was reviewed by EH&S for accuracy.

Please be sure to also check the UW Coronavirus page, and theĀ Quarantine & Isolation page for updates, as the attached document may become out of date as guidance changes in response to a dynamic public health situation. Also review the Coronavirus FAQ before they have exposure or feel symptomatic, to understand how best to respond.

Covid-19 Flowchart