October 14, 2021

I am reaching out with a request as I am in the process of forming a team of undergraduates and graduates at UW to assist in the generation of a conceptual design for my Honors ESRM Capstone project.

This system will be referred to as the “Resiliency Tunnel”, an off-the-grid glorified greenhouse of sorts that generates power, collects water, and grows food simultaneously through reactive solar installations, a roof stormwater catchment system, and conditions more stable than the natural environment. I am partnered with the director of the UW Farm (Perry Acworth) and have two advsors, Dr. Jan Whittington of URBDP and Professor Jim Fridley of SEFS.

Dr. Whittington runs the Urban Infrastructure Lab and more specifially the club UW Solar, within which I am running a team. So far I have an Architectural Designer, Communications Lead, and several grant proposal reviewers, but am in search of a Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Stormwater Catchment Systems Designer. I believe I can find someone capable of cost estimations but would greatly appreciate help filling the other roles if any students of yours come to mind. Feel free to forward this email if needed. Looking forward to hearing back from you and thank you!

The time commitment should be less than 5 hours a week. I imagine we will be working on the conceptual design for Autumn and Winter Quarter but it could involve Spring Quarter if necessary. They would have the option to enroll in UW Solar for 1 to 2 credits (or simply attend) to work directly with myself and the committed undergraduate Architectural Designer, meeting from 6-7pm on Monday and Wednesday in Gould Hall.

I am looking for approximately 2 students in mechanical / electrical engineering and one student capable of stormwater catchment systems design to work with the Architectural Designer (who is specializing in solar design and the conceptual architecture) to design the reactive aspect of a solar installation, a stormwater catchment system that feeds into a cistern, ventilation flaps on the ground level of the greenhouse structure, foldable tables from the walls for teaching space, and more as the designers see fit to complete a conceptual design. I apologize if this is vague given I am neither a designer nor engineer and have taken the approach of asking my Architectural Designer what support she needs. Let me know if I can answer any other questions and thank you!

Resiliency Tunnel Website: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/resiliency-tunnel?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=resiliency-tunnel&preview=850c7491fa72cccf3c4effc919cee7a3&workflow=preview


Emma Maggioncalda  – maggioncaldaemma@gmail.com