October 15, 2021

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is hiring for the CSF Coordinator position for the 2021-2022 academic year. This is a Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA) position, which includes Tuition Waiver, Health Insurance, and Stipend estimated at approx. $2500/mo before taxes. 

 The CSF’s mission is to foster an environmentally and socially engaged university culture and create a sustainable campus by funding multidisciplinary, student-initiated, and led projects. Guided by student oversight through each phase of the grant-making and project management process, our work aims to increase campus-wide social equity, community resilience, and climate action. This year marks the 12h year of the CSF, and we hope to see our program grow and evolve through the leadership of the new CSF Coordinator. Before applying, we encourage you to learn more about our mission, vision, and values here.

Applications are due November 1st and the start date is mid-late November. 

Learn more about the position and apply here


Additionally, the CSF is also seeking applicants for a Committee position opening — this graduate student position will also serve as the CSF’s liaison to the campus-wide Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC).

This is an exciting opportunity for students to be involved in the decision-making processes for CSF, learn about/vote on on-campus sustainability initiatives, gain experience with budgeting and grant-making, as well as be a part of a diverse (and amazing) community of students from across campus! Positions are volunteer, however, there is an opportunity for a paid committee chair position in the second year of membership.

Application closes October 25th for the CSF/ESC Committee Position. Apply here