October 20, 2021

The GIX program is sponsoring a competition for students (undergrad, grad, and grads who have graduated within the last year).  Your students could win a prize of up to $5000.  
They will need to attend a webinar first and can register at this link: www.gixnetwork.org/ic22
The Challenge

You’re invited to create an innovative technological or robotic solution for the home that helps address a problem related to health and wellness or the environment. Your solution can leverage a broad range of technologies including the internet of things, intelligent hardware, low-cost sensors, drones, robotics, computer vision and machine learning algorithms, and cloud computing. For example:

  • Health and wellness solutions might improve people’s ability to make informed healthcare decisions or quality of life
  • Environmental monitoring solutions might provide actionable insight into energy or consumable usage

Initial proposals are due on December 17. Judges will select teams to progress to the finals. Each team will be paired with an academic or industry mentor who will meet weekly with the team to provide feedback and advice in preparation for the final presentation before judges on February 16.

Register for a webinar.