October 20, 2021

We hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourselves and each other as we start fall quarter! We wanted to answer a few questions that might have come up about the UW Counseling Center and our fall quarter services.

What’s new? 

We are excited to provide streamlined, user-friendly mental health care with the merging of Hall Health Mental Health Clinic and the Counseling Center! We also have an upgraded new online client portal! We continue to provide mental health services with cultural awareness and collaborate with campus partners to serve students! However, we are also extremely understaffed at a time when unfortunately, the need for mental health support has soared. At the UW Counseling Center, you will likely experience longer wait times to schedule initial appointments and longer wait times for follow up appointments.  We are hiring multiple new staff to help address this.

How did the UW Counseling Center adjust for COVID?

Most of our services are still being provided virtually–fortunately, research confirms what our staff and students have observed – telehealth is effective.

Where can I receive remote services?
Your Location


In Washington Outside the state of Washington


Yes Yes
Let’s Talk Yes Yes
Short-term individual counseling Yes No
Group counseling Yes Maybe *check with your counselor
Workshop Yes Yes
Referral to ongoing support For the DIY option, you can check out our database online.


We recommend attending sessions from a safe, private location. Because masks aren’t needed for remote sessions, it allows for more non-verbal (facial expression) communication with your counselor.  To do our part to protect our community’s health, most of the UW Counseling Center services will remain remote during the fall 2021 quarter.

What can I do while I wait?
Great question! Here are some options for mental health services, campus resources, and self-care.

If you have an immediate need, My Student Support Program (My SSP) provides free crisis and single session counseling with licensed mental health providers free to UW students.


1-866-775-0608 (outside the US or Canada: 001-416-380-6578), or via messaging at the free My SSP app or website.  There may be a wait to talk to a counselor but they will always call back.
If you are anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, try guided deep breathing


3 minute breathing space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oK0IbKTo5Y
Mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, and other activities are resources for everyone


Let’s Talk


Drop-in 2-4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  See http://letstalk.uw.edu  for additional options.
Connect with supportive communities on campus *Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) *wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House

*Q Center

*Disability and D/deaf Cultural Center (D Center)

*Center for International Relations & Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE)

*Registered Student Organization (RSO) Directory

Can I get help finding ongoing support? 

Of course!  If you want counseling that extends further than the short-term counseling we can provide, we are happy to help you get connected through our referral services.  For the DIY option, you can check out our database online.  Due to high demand, it can take weeks to get connected to a therapist in Seattle.

Additional Resources:

Culturally Responsive, LGBTQ Affirming Therapists https://www.inclusivetherapists.com/
Multicultural Counselors https://www.multiculturalcounselors.org/


Psychology Today Provider Search https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists
Need more assistance? Call 206-543-1240 or students can consult with our case manager on a list of therapists in the community for ongoing support through Let’s Talk: Referral to Ongoing Support.