October 26, 2021

Multiple full-time and internship openings for the role of Applied Scientist (see links below). Please feel free to share this email with people interested in these opportunities.

Our team owns the open-domain question answering product (called WBQA – based on web info). Internship positions are for the summer of 2022, publication-driven, and have great flexibility in project selection and cross-team collaboration. Full-time positions will (of course) focus on improving WBQA in terms of question understanding and reformulation, and answer selection/generation. As WBQA is a very young product (<2 years), we’re one of the fastest-growing teams in Alexa AI (we grew by 34% in 2021), and have many interesting QA, IR, Fairness, and Indirect Supervision science problems to be solved.

For people who are interested, please feel free to apply to the corresponding links above