October 29, 2021

Everyone’s heard of and watched the Discovery Channel… and now you could have the opportunity to work with Discovery! Attend our informational session about Discovery DTC’s new internship program, and enjoy a coffee chat with a Q&A session representatives and recruiters on Friday, November 5th at 4PM on Zoom!

Discovery (Direct-to-Consumer) DTC is the “tech arm” for Discovery; they are continuously making the connection between technology and entertainment to build world-class viewing experiences to millions of viewers.

They are currently looking to hire for their internship program, and also hiring graduating seniors for Software Engineering, Data and Product Management positions!

Friday, November 5th via Zoom at 4PM.

Zoom Meeting Linkhttps://bit.ly/SASExDiscoveryZoom
Please RSVPhttps://bit.ly/sase-discovery-2021-rsvp

To learn more, check out their website: https://discoverydtctechblog.com/
Hope to see you there!