October 29, 2021

I hope you are doing great. My team at Facebook AI is hiring research interns for 2022 in multiple NLP areas such as (not limited to):
  • Question Answering: focusing on problems such as unified and E2E QA models, robustness, efficiency, multimodality language understanding, conversational/multiturn QA, and reasoning 
  • Language Generation and Summarization: focusing on abstractive conversational summarization, safe and controlled generation, faithfulness, and 
  • Efficient and on-device NLP models focusing on more efficient transformers 
Please let me know if any of your students are interested in these topics and ask them to share their resumes with me. Thanks and really hope to see you soon at one of the non-virtual NLP conferences 🙂
Yashar Mehdad <mehdad@fb.com>