November 30, 2021

Next summer, Los Alamos National Laboratory will be hosting the twenty-third edition of the Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School (LADSS). I have attached a PDF flyer that provides information about the summer school. Links to more information are available at, including instructions for applying to the summer school. 
We are seeking students with academic focuses in engineering (including mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and civil), as well as those in computer science and applied math. Please pass this solicitation on to prospective students and encourage the good ones to apply. Applications will be accepted until January 10, 2022.
The primary goal of the LADSS is to motivate U.S. citizens to attend graduate school. Therefore, the students you solicit need to be U.S. citizens, and they should be of sufficient academic standing to be credible candidates for graduate school. As a reference point, the 380+ students that have taken part in the first twenty-one schools had undergraduate GPA’s ranging from 3.0 – 4.0, with a mean undergraduate GPA of approximately 3.8.
Past experience shows that most applicants are students that faculty members or former program participants have talked to individually regarding the summer school, so please take the time to talk with some of your top students about this opportunity.
Also, please pass this solicitation on to other faculty that may have students who are interested in this educational/work opportunity. If you have any questions about the summer school, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer them. Thanks for your help recruiting students for the Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School!