January 10, 2022

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at UW (SEDS @ UW) is looking for new members for our engineering projects, where you can develop valuable skills in nearly any aerospace engineering subfield. If any of the following projects are interesting to you, please fill out this form, even if you do not have the specific skills requested. We admit anyone, regardless of background!

The Two-Stage Rocket was designed last year as a senior capstone project but was never fully assembled due to COVID. It is a two-stage sounding rocket with a target max altitude of 10,000 feet. Although we have all the parts we need, we are looking for students with coding experience to help finish our payload and avionics. We need to make sure our flight computers will properly separate stages, deploy our parachutes, and ignite our motors. We have an ozone detector as our payload that we are still working on.

The Composite Rocket is this year’s primary rocket project. It is a single-stage rocket with a target max altitude of 10,000 feet. We will manufacture the body tubes, fins, and nose cone ourselves out of carbon fiber. We are specifically looking for students with CFD experience to apply CFD to get the aerodynamic loads on our rocket so we can better optimize our design.

The Thrust Vectoring Rocket Engine is an active senior capstone project in the aerospace department working to build a gaseous bipropellant rocket engine with novel fuel/oxidizer injection and thrust vectoring capabilities. Currently, we roster 6 freshmen, 2 juniors, 7 seniors, and 1 masters’ student, and we have opportunities for additional juniors, seniors, and graduate students of all skill levels and in all engineering disciplines, with a preference for those with some computational experience. If you’re interested in learning more or joining the team, please email the team lead, Carter Vu, at cartervu@uw.edu.

Feel free to contact seds@uw.edu if you have any questions!

Thank you,

SEDS @ UW officer team