January 25, 2022

Engineering Switzerland early fall start study abroad program is extending its deadline to March 1stWe know many students had applications in progress and wanted to give additional time to complete. Additionally if you know any students who many be interested in the program but missed the initial deadline, encourage them to apply! To apply, please visit: bit.ly/UWEESwitzerland   

Engineering Switzerland will take place August 21st – September 17th in Lausanne, Switzerland. Students will complete EE 215 and ENGR 497 for a total of 5 credits. Attached you will find our promotional flier. EE 215 perquisites include:

  • Math 136 or  Math 126;
  • Math 206, Math307 or AMATH 351,
  • Phys 122 or Phys 142

Located in the center of Europe, Switzerland is famous for its tradition of precision and quality in engineering. In this 4-week study abroad program, students will get a first-hand look at the history of Swiss engineering and how it has helped this small nation to become a leader in high-tech research and engineering developments while fulfilling a UW engineering course. More information is available on our website – https://sites.google.com/uw.edu/engineering-switzerland/home