January 26, 2022

Wednesday / January 26, 2022 / 3:30pm – 4pm

Many students are unclear about their major, career, and life plans…which can be a scary place for them to be. They often don’t know what questions to ask; don’t want to “waste” time exploring; and don’t have the self-confidence, self-direction, or social capital to further define what they want for their lives. We know from experience that phrases like “you can do anything!” and “check out this website” don’t come across as particularly helpful. Join us for a discussion about how we help students discover their purpose and explore options for actualizing it through guided questions, online programs, reflective exercises, and more. We also want to learn from your practice as well.

Learn more – https://careers.uw.edu/events/2022/01/26/how-we-help-students-discover-their-purpose-explore-careers/

Register – https://washington.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJErd–qrzIvHNTHaicuOqr1pwkxp7OI7VR0