February 15, 2022

COVID-19 Compliance Information Winter 2022


  • Student Conduct administrators from Bothell, Tacoma, and Seattle have been meeting regularly to develop a set of recommendations to address students’ compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement.
  • The goal is to try to work with the student to eliminate barriers and solve issues before taking disciplinary action.
  • Students who are not compliant will be referred to the Student Conduct Code process for possible disciplinary action up to, and including suspension and dismissal.
  • A COVID-19 Compliance Conduct Officer was hired as a Tri-Campus resource and is in regular communication with UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, and UW Seattle.


Vaccine Verification

  • All students are required to attest that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 through a WHO-approved vaccine brand (proof of vaccination).
  • Students are required to do this before being allowed to register.
  • After these instructions were sent to students at the beginning of this academic year, students were additionally asked to upload a copy of their vaccine cards.
  • Most students have complied with this request, in rare instances, a student has uploaded an incomplete vaccine card or a fraudulent one.
  • These vaccine verifications are being reviewed by Hall Health, the health center on the Seattle Campus, for all University students, including Bothell, Tacoma, Seattle, and UW Continuum College.
  • If the review team rejects the student’s vaccine verification documentation, an email is sent to the student and a registration block is placed on their account.
  • To remove the block, the student must re-upload documentation for review.


  • Students may request a medical or religious exemption. Students must complete an exemption form.
  • Completion and upload of the form will automatically remove the registration block.
  • Hall Health is reviewing these requests and communicating directly with students.
  • Students granted an exemption must engage in weekly COVID-19 PCR testing.

Weekly Testing

  • Students must register in the REDCap portal.
  • Students must test weekly and upload their results to stay in compliance.
  • Students may wish to participate in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program, which is a research study around flu. Testing kits are available on all three campuses for this study and results will satisfy weekly testing requirements.
  • Other options are available in King and Pierce Counties for testing. If a student is having trouble accessing weekly testing, please direct them to email covidcompliance@uw.edu.


  • Students who have not registered in the weekly Testing Portal received an email on February 2nd indicating that they need to comply, or a registration hold will be placed on their Spring Registration before February 11th.
  • Hold will be from Community Standards and Student Conduct on the Seattle Campus, COVID-19 Compliance Officer. Hold will say email covidcompliance@uw.edu.
  • Once students register for the portal then the hold will be manually removed.


  • If a student shares that they have a COVID-19-related hold, encourage them to review the UW COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements website to confirm they have taken all required actions.
  • Students who continue to experience challenges or issues should be encouraged to email covidcompliance@uw.edu to seek additional assistance.