February 18, 2022

Dr. Thomas is a wonderful educator and the class helps students integrate computational modeling with experimental design.


  • MW 830-950 MGH 231 – Thomas, W
    AA LB W 1230-320 BIOE N140 – Thomas, W
    AB LB F 930-1220 BIOE N140 – Thomas, W

Bioen 485/585 is geared at students who want to integrate computational modeling with experimental research or design.  The target audience thus includes experimentalists who seek
to enhance their work with quantitative hypothesis testing or design, as well as students who prefer to focus on computational modeling, but plan to collaborate with experimentalists.

Lectures, readings, discussions, and a weekly computer lab teach students to design, build, solve and interpret ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations models that can be
experimentally validated and then provide new insights. Biochemical systems are emphasized, but electrical, mechanical and fluidic systems are also addressed.