March 1, 2022

The Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) represents a new paradigm in the execution of industrial research at the University of Washington. Boeing-employed affiliate instructors work in the lab side by side with faculty and students on joint research projects in the manufacturing and assembly of aircraft and spacecraft structures.

Our goal is to foster:
• Collaborative basic and applied research
• Translational research and development
• Student education-related activities


Position Description
BARC is seeking out an undergraduate researcher to assist in one of the many ongoing projects within the lab. The student will be helping develop a human-machine interface for teleoperating a confined-space manufacturing robot. This will involve creating VR, AR, and computer applications using Unity, as well as integrating input devices and image information using Robot Operating System (ROS).

Preferred Skills:
• Familiarity with C#, C++, or Python
• Ability to take initiative and troubleshoot problems
• Experience with effectively communicating technical concepts

Please send your resume to if interested.